2011 Recuerdo Wines Malbec

While I was at the Wine Bloggers Conference, I was lucky enough to be able to be introduced to the North America based marketing team for Recuerdo Wines during the Speed Tasting for the white wines.

After the conference, I was asked if I wanted to review the Malbec. Without batting an eye, I was more than willing to!

2011 Recuerdo Wines Malbec
2011 Recuerdo Wines Malbec

The 2011 Recuerdo Malbec has an inky, dark purple color to it in the glass. When you hold it up to the light, though, there’s a beautiful garnet color that shines through.

On the nose, there’s a lovely ripe, dark fruit component that leads in to a bit of a cola and spicy herbal note.

On the palate, there’s a tart blackberry and dark cherry note that make this a *very* drinkable wine. There’s also good acidity and subtle tannins, which makes it a versatile food wine, if you ask me.

And at $22 a bottle, it might be a splurge for some, but a splurge I definitely recommend!!


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