One Girl, One Glass in the kitchen…Oven Roasted Salmon & Renegade Wine Rosé

The last Thursday (usually) of every month, Sean Sullivan from Washington Wine Report hosts a virtual tasting via Twitter. This month, the wine chosen was Renegade Wine Company’s 2013 Columbia Valley Rosé.

Now, we’ve been having some wild weather here at the world headquarters. A freak snowstorm that left me with a foot of snow in February. Torrential downpours which have been so hard that I killed some flowers I planted from seed in various places throughout my yard. Needless to say, the wild & wacky weather we’ve been having hasn’t exactly been conducive to drinking rosé…but I’ve been drinking it anyway.

The rosé, made by Sleight of Hand Cellars from Walla Walla, is…well…to not sound *too* cliche, nectar of the powers-that-be. Seriously. This is what rosé should be. Light. Crisp. Acidic. Palate cleansing. It is a Rhône blend, consisting of 79% Syrah, 14% Cinsault and 7% Counoise.

Renegade Wine Company 2013 Columbia Valley Rosé
Renegade Wine Company 2013 Columbia Valley Rosé

The day after the tasting, I had some leftover wine (what?????). I happened to have gone grocery shopping and got my hands on some gorgeous Alaskan Copper River Salmon filets. I knew what had to be done. That wine. Salmon. A pairing that had to be made.

I prepare my salmon simply. Butter, lemon, and (sometimes) dill. That’s it. No special rubs or fancy reductions…I just let the goodness that is the salmon shine through. And then, I bake it at 350° for 30 minutes. Sometimes it gets wrapped in foil, sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t get wrapped in foil, I put a touch of olive oil in the baking dish, just to make sure I’m not fighting with the salmon to come out of the dish.

Salmon waiting to go in the oven
Salmon waiting to go in the oven

It came out perfectly, as expected. I did take some shortcuts with the sides in the picture below. I am insanely lazy when it comes to making sides, so I would rather go buy sides at the grocery store and “make” them in my microwave. So yes, the potatoes came from the cold case at my grocery store, the salad is from a bag and the veggies were from the freezer aisle. But at least I did something more than put in an online Pizza Hut order with regards to my dinner. 😉

My plate...salmon, veggies, salad & mashed potatoes
My plate…salmon, veggies, salad & mashed potatoes

The salmon and the wine paired amazingly. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest grocery store and demand (but be nice…) that they carry the Renegade Rosé!


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